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    Cadbury Chocolate Drink 250G

    Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa powder, Acidity regulator (sodium carbonate), flavouring. Cocoa solids: 25% minimum. May contain MILk.

    Charalambous Coffee 200G

    The original Extra Mocca Blend 100% Pure Coffee

    Charalambous Coffee 500G

    Brazilian Blend 100% Pure Coffee

    Charalambous Coffee Gold 200G

    Mocca Blend 100% Pure coffee

    Charalambous Coffee Gold 500G

    Mocca Blend 100% Pure Coffee Freshly Ground and Roasted Greek type Coffee

    Con Cyprus Coffee Double Roasted 150G

    Produced from fresh and high-quality coffee beans. 100% Arabica Fine ground

    Kervansaray Coffee With Cardamom Flavour 250G

    Ingredients: Turkish coffee, terebinthus, carob, salep, cardamon, Cocoa powder, coffee cream.

    Kervansaray Coffee With Mustic Gum 250G

    Ingredients: Turkish coffee, terebinthus, carob, sahlep, Gum mastic, Cocoa powder, coffee cream.

    Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 250G

    Mehmet Efendi's flavourful finely ground Turkish coffee should be prepared in a '' Cezve'', a small long-handled pot. Measure water with a demitasse cup and pour into the cezve. Add one teaspoonful of coffee or each demitasse cup, add sugar if desired. Place the cezve on a low heat and stir. After a while distribute the foam evenly to cups. Let the coffee heat again and then pour into cups. Do not stir after serving or you will disturb coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

    Nescafe Original Coffee 95G

    Nescafe Original - Double Filter, Full Flavour.

    Nestle Original Coffee Mate 200G

    Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Palm Kernel Oil, MILK Proteins, Stabilisers (E331, E452), Acidity Regulator (E340), Emulsifiers, (471, E472e), Anti-Caking Agent (E170), Colour: Riboflavin.

    Oza Turkish Coffee Dark Roasted 100G

    Dark Roasted Turkish Coffee. Keep in a dry place away from perfumes and direct sunlight.

    Ozerlat Medium Roasted Coffee 125G

    100% Turkish Coffee