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    Dried Fruit

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    Anthap Dried Mulberry 150G

    Ingredients: Dried Mulberries. This product may contain other nuts and seeds.

    Anthap Dried Pineapple 100G

    Ingredients: Natural Dried Pineapple

    Fudco Brown Sultana 250G

    Ingredients: Brown Sultanas (99.5%), sunflower oil (0.5%).

    Fudco Golden Sultana 250G

    Ingredients: Golden sultana, SULPHUR DIOXIDE E220, Sunflower Oil.

    Fudco Sweetned Dried Cranberries 250G

    Ingredients: Cranberry, Sugar, Sunflower Oil.

    Inci Sweety Chestnut 125G

    Ingredients: Roasted Chestnut, Sugar. No preservatives and artificial colouring. Store in Room temperature, avoid direct light and keep in refrigerator after opening.

    Tooty Fruity Apple Rings 100G

    Ingredients: Apple, preservative: Sulphur dioxide

    Tooty Fruity Chilli Crackers 100G

    Ingredients: Rice, palm oil, sugar, salt, soya, wheat, spices, maltodextrin, shrimp extract, milk, a chilli flavour enhancer.

    Tooty Fruity Coconut Dices 200G

    Ingredients: Coconut (51%0, sugar, preservative: Sulphur dioxide

    Tooty Fruity Juicy Mango 120G

    Slightly Sweetened Mango Ingredients: Mango, sugar, citric acid, natural flavour, preservatives, sodium metabisulphite, sulphur dioxide.

    Tooty Fruity Papaya & Pineapple 230G

    Ingredients: Sugar, pineapple, papaya, citric acid, preservative: sulphur dioxide