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    Dimes Mango Juice 1Lt

    Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Mango puree concentrate, flavours, acidity regulator ( citric acid), antioxidant, stabilizer, colourant.

    Dimes Mix Fruit Juice 1Lt

    Ingredients: water, apple juice concentrates, sugar, peach puree concentrate, orange juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, acidity regulator, natural flavouring, stabilizer, antioxidant, Vitamine A.

    Dimes Peach Juice 1L

    Ingredients: Water, Peach puree concentrate, Sugar, Flavour, Acidity regulator.

    Dimes Pineapple Drink 1L

    Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Pineapple juice concentrate, acidity regulator, Flavour, Antioxidant, Stabilizers, Colourant

    Dimes Pomegranate Juice 1L

    Ingredients: Water, sugar, pomegranate juice concentrate, black carrot juice concentrate, acidity regulator.

    Dimes Sour Cherry Juice 1Lt

    Ingredients: Water, sugar, sour cherry juice concentrate, acidity regulator, flavour.

    Fresh 100% Apple Juice 1L

    Ingredients: Water, apple juice from concentrate.

    Fresh 100% Tomato Juice 1L

    Ingredients: Tomatoes 99.9%, added salt 0.1%.

    Fresh Apricot Juice 1L

    Ingredients: Water, Apricot puree 40%, added sugar6.8%, acidity regulator: lemon juice.

    Fresh Pear Fruit Juice 1Lt

    Ingredients: Pear puree 50%, water, added sugar 6.5%, acidity regulator, lemon juice.

    Fresh Sour Cherry Fruit Juice 1Lt

    Ingredients: Water, sour cherry juice from concentrate 25% added sugar 8.6%, acidity regulator: citric acid; natural colour: carrot and pomegranate concentrate, natural aroma.