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    Knorr Ezogelin Soup 65G

    ''Soup of Ezo the Bride” has legendary status in Turkey. Legend has it that she created this delicious dish to please her mother-in-law who was not so easily pleased. Key ingredients are red lentil, bulgur and mint. Here’s our homemade Ezogelin soup recipe if you’d rather try your hand at making it yourself.

    Knorr Lentils Soup 76G

    Best Turkish soup, ever. Period. Lentil soup is probably the most consumed soup in Turkey and every Turkish mum has their unique take on it. Of course this ready mix Turkish soup doesn’t come close to their recipes perfected over the years, but it comes close.

    Knorr Mushroom Soup 62G

    Easily a global favourite with Turkish herbs and spices.

    Knorr Yayla Soup 74G

    Traditionally made with wholewheat, fermented yoghurt and vegetables, Tarhana soup is a winter favourite and often served with white cheese or halloumi cheese.